On The Other Side

During the last couple of years, I felt inspired with the lyrics and melody for this song, "On The Other Side." I was watching my mom deal with chronic pain, for which no doctors could figure out the cause or a cure. My dad developed lymphoma, his dementia worsened and his overwhelming needs made it necessary to move him to a nursing home. He passed away less than 6 months later. A dear friend lost her husband to colon cancer. Some previous neighbors who I admired lost their son to suicide. Still others I know and love faced divorce, health problems, family problems, loss and mental illness.

Life is full of pain. Sometimes it feels like mountains of pain! But it is also full of sweetness. SO. MUCH. SWEETNESS.

Like you, I have had my own difficulties in this life. One thing I have experienced is that when we feel like we are just barely holding on, we are not alone. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is there for us every step of the way. When we turn to Him, He can truly consecrate our greatest trials for our good. We learn. We grow. We become more like Him. And when we get to "the other side" of that challenge, we can look back and see how far we have come and know that we are stronger for having climbed that mountain!

And then....we climb the next one. Sometimes excited and running toward the challenge; other times struggling to take the smallest steps. Sometimes sure of our way; other times figuring it out by trial and error. Sometimes basking in the beauty; other times weathering storms. Sometimes reaching a peak; other times slipping and falling, but rising again to finish the journey.

When this life has come and gone, I truly believe that we will look back at this life and be so grateful that we have tasted the bitter and the sweet, for both will have made us the best we can be.


     Sheet Music and Audio files available for purchase HERE.

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  • Coleen Hamilton on

    Absolutely beautiful! And such a powerful, comforting message in your song and in your written words.

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