Aspire Elite Performers - enrollment open!!!

Aspire Elite Performers  is looking for 20 kids, ages 7 - 18, who  love to sing and want to develop their talents in a fun and inspirational environment while having professional opportunities and building a resume!

We are located in Riverton, Utah.

Auditioning now through November 1, 2022 for our 2023 sessions or until all slots are filled. Once we have filled our slots, enrollement will close until next year.


Aspire Elite Performers is a premier experience where children and youth are able to learn and implement all aspects of performing skills in a fun and inspirational group setting.

This program was created by professional musician, actress, singer-songwriter, speaker, music director, recording artist and vocal coach, Kristine Cox. You can read about Kristine's experience HERE. Other special guest artists will also take part in guiding your child toward mastery as they gain experience in the following:

  • Basic vocal technique
  • Musical terms and concepts
  • How to sing in "parts" 
  • Stage presence
  • Performance techniques
  • Learning to convey and communicate a message through song
  • Speaking skills
  • Acting skills for both stage and video
  • Body movement for stage and video
  • Gestures for stage and video
  • How to audition  
  • Tips to memorize music
  • Self-confidence as a performer


This program will be catered each session to your child and the other performers involved and allow all students the following opportunities:

  • 45 minute group training once per week during each session. ($1140 value)
  • Studio recording experience each session. ($600 value)
  • Fully mastered, radio quality recordings on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tik Tok, YouTube and many other streaming platforms. ($808 value) You can hear previous recordings on your favorite streaming platform under Kristine Cox or click HERE.
  • Professional Music Videos shared on YouTube and many other social media platforms. ($4000 value)  You can see previous videos HERE.
  • A concert at the end of each session at a local venue with professional video footage and costume provided. ($4000 value) Aspire to Inspire has built a following and a community, so these concerts will not be just for family and friends. They will also be for the local residents and the entire Aspire to Inspire community.
  • One masterclass each session with Kris or a guest specialist to encourage and educate your child in performance techniques. ($400 value) 
  • Solo singing, acting and/or speaking opportunities available in Aspire to Inspire's private concerts, events and videos. (up to $2500 value & great resume-building tool.) Those with solo singing and speaking parts for concerts will receive a free one-on-one coaching session  to guide them in their practicing. ($40 per value per coaching session.) No student will be required to do a solo part, but they may volunteer and audition to do so.
  • Singing and acting opportunities as part of custom songs and music videos for brands and influencers. ($2500 value each)
  • Self confidence and a testimony of Christ.  (Priceless)

Aspire to Inspire Core Values and mission statement:

Aspire to Inspire Productions began 4 years ago as a desire to inspire others through music, music videos and the spoken word. Our mission is to inspire and lift those who are part of our community so that they can in turn inspire and lift others. Together we aspire to inspire people across the world, one person at a time. To do that, we must first understand on a deep level who we are as children of God, our divine worth and our limitless potential. We must learn to love ourselves, become our own heroes and then help others to do the same.

Aspire Elite Performers is so much more than just a choir or music training program. We aim to teach children to not only become great performers, but to become their highest and best selves as they aspire to be the moms, dads, teachers and leaders of tomorrow.

We seek progression rather than perfection.

We seek to bless rather than impress.

We seek to dare rather than compare. 

You do not need to be Christian to be a part of this program, but we do aspire to help each child develop a relationship with and testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel and then share that through the messages we share and our performances. Not all songs in every session will be spiritual, but celebrating that we are all children of God and finding joy amid the challenges of life is at the core of all we do at Aspire to Inspire Productions.

Aspire Elite Performers 2023 Schedule:

    Spring Session

    • January – May: Once a week rehearsals - Thursdays from 5:00 - 5:45 pm.
    • One Master class - Date TBD
    • At least one music video opportunity - Date TBD
    • Spring concert end of May or early June - inludes tech and dress rehearsal - Date TBD
    • Professional music video of your child in concert

    *Summer (June, after our concert, through July) will be time-off for vacations and our planning time for our next sessions.

    Fall session 

    • September – early December: Once a week rehearsals - Thursdays from  pm.
    • One Master class - Date TBD
    • At least one music video opportunity - Date TBD
    • Holiday concert: inludes tech and dress rehearsal - Date TBD 
    • Professional music video of your child in concert 
    • December after concert (no regular classes or rehearsals, but there may be optional performing opportunities.)

    **Typically programs like this require additional fees for costumes, videos or concerts that can be hundreds of dollars. There will be no additional fees due for video, concert or costume fees. Participants may be asked to wear specific colors of clothing for videos or concerts other than the costume we provide, but this could be clothing they already have or borrow from someone.



    TOTAL VALUE of $16,028

    or $1602 per month for 10 months

    at our introductory rate of

     ***$150 per month!!***

    Paid monthly September 2022 through through June 2023

    *20% discount available for additional children participating from the same immediate family.

    The cost will never be this low again!

    **Once you are enrolled, your price will never go up as long as you stay enrolled!


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