Where Can I Turn For Peace

Twenty-one years ago, I sat in my church sacrament meeting as my favorite hymn, "Where Can I Turn For Peace," was being sung as the closing hymn. I tried to sing it, but I just broke down in tears.

My life as I knew it was falling apart. I had married my high school sweetheart and I thought that would last forever. But I found myself going through a very painful divorce. It was tearing me apart that my family, which I thought would be forever, was not going to be together in the same way anymore!

As I faced my own personal Gethsemane, I was beyond distraught at my circumstance!

But at that moment, I wasn't crying about my situation. No. I was crying because in my hour of despair, I could feel my Savior's love so strongly and I felt such peace that everything would be okay, that I was overcome with emotion.

Because of my experience, I wrote an arrangement of "Where Can I Turn For Peace" that incorporates the song "I Feel My Savior's Love" in the accompaniment and in a violin obbligato, but it's taken me years to finally seek out the licensing needed to complete this derivative work and complete the recording.

Where do you turn for peace when your life seems overwhelming or in chaos? I hope this song will remind you that the ultimate source of peace is the Savior and His love and atonement.


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