A Wedding Story....To Eternity And Beyond!

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I love weddings! After all, what is more exciting than finding someone you love so much that you want to spend the rest of your life with them? I would say, without a doubt, the only thing more exciting than that is adding the words "for time and for all eternity" to the package! 

My husband and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on March 19th. Because of COVID-19, we had to cancel all of our fancy celebrations.....dinner at Ruth's Chris, hotel accomodations, and concert tickets that we had for that weekend as well as a trip we had planned later. Instead, we both "stayed safe and stayed home" together. The pandemic, combined with the fact that most of our children are not living at home now means that we have had more time than ever before to focus on our relationship. We have almost felt as if we have been on a second honeymoon, even though we have hardly gone anywhere. And I do mean ANYWHERE. Seriously.

So even though I wrote this song long ago, it seems like the perfect time to release it and dedicate it to My Darling Daniel! I am so lucky to be married to my best friend, my soul mate and favorite tech consultant in the world! I can't even express all that he does for me and for all of our family. When I shared with him the promptings that I was having regarding writing music and as this new personal mission of sharing inspirational messages with you emerged, he didn't just cheer me on, he helped make it happen! From recording, mixing and mastering the tracks to the creation of KristineCox.com and my YouTube channel, he has been there every step of the way. I am so blessed to be sharing life and this mission with him!

"For this, I'll thank my Father

Every day my whole life through;

He has given me the chance to spend

Eternity with you."

Also, the video was made using pictures from our wedding. Isn't he handsome? I loved looking back on this special day and remembering the excitement and love that we shared that day and how it has grown even deeper since then.

There aren't a lot of songs about temple marriage out there. I hope you will share this with family members or friends you know who may be planning a temple wedding, had one recently or who are celebrating an anniversary!


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  • Bryan Hamilton on

    What a great message and song! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Daniel Cox on

    Awww… Thanks Honey! I am so thrilled to be able to spend the rest of my mortal life and my eternity with you too! YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!

  • Coleen Hamilton on

    Absolutely beautiful!!! A wonderful way to celebrate your wedding anniversary through pictures.

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