For all those women who think they are not perfect....

For as long as I have been a mother, Mother’s Day has always meant breakfast in bed, sweet notes from my children, and celebrating 1) the gift of being able to be a mother and 2) the amazing examples of women in my life, including my own mother. What’s not to love about that?

However, over the years I have heard stories of many women for whom Mother’s Day is a very depressing and painful day. Some women have not been able to have children, or their children are estranged from them. Others do have children, but they think Mother’s Day is a celebration of the “perfect” mother and thus feel discouraged because they do not live up to this standard.

We often compare our worst to everyone else at their best. We see those happy pictures on social media and we forget that those women have times where they are overwhelmed, stressed-out, anxious or sad too. We don’t see that right before she posted that happy picture with her child, that cute mother we think had it all-together completely lost her temper. We don’t realize that the picture showing our friend’s perfectly clean kitchen was taken during the one moment that month that her kitchen actually looked that way. We don’t know that the single woman posting pictures of her great adventures actually broke down crying the night before because she was so lonely. The truth is, there is no such thing as the perfect woman or the perfect mother, so perhaps we need to change our perspective.

I hope that this song will help us to celebrate womanhood and motherhood in a different way. I want women everywhere to understand that, while we are not perfect, we are perfectly suited to influence those who are placed in our path! We may not realize it. They may not realize it. But God knows what He is doing. We are the mother, step-mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, neighbor, teacher and/or friend that we are for a reason! Women have an amazing, innate gift to lead, lift, nurture and love those around them. And that, my dear friends, is something to celebrate!

“She says she’s not perfect, but I wish that she could see

I see what Heavenly Father sees: She is perfect….for me!”

If you are reading this, please share this song or video with someone who needs to hear this message! Together we can inspire women all over the world to know how special they are!



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