Love His Children - SATB and CHOIR BUNDLE

With everything going on in our country this last year, I think most of us can see that the commandment to "Love One Another" has never been more needed. We have seen division because of racism, government and medical guidelines during the current COVID-19 pandemic, and let's not forget politics and the election! That's why I am so excited to offer the SATB version of Love His Children! I know that in many areas of the country, church choirs are not currently performing, but I hope that you will be ready to help your ward members and primary children heal and feel the spirit as soon as we are able to do so, and that is why I am offering this RIGHT NOW instead of waiting!

Order one copy, with additional copies for only $1.50 OR order the ward choir bundle!

The ward choir bundle includes a link for you to send to choir members where they can stream the parts FREE to learn and practice with just thier part, or with the piano accompaniment!  

Because of the pandemic as well as time constraints, I don't have a recording of a choir singing this song, but you can listen to a sample with vocals that I created with my music software. It doesn't bring the spirit like it does when you can hear the words, but it will give you an idea! It is available in 2 with a children's chorus (or a child's solo) and one just for SATB. My choir sang the version with the children's chorus and it was a beautiful experience! 

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