The Things I Will Remember

I haven't posted a song for a while, but that is because I have been busy getting quite a few songs ready! This is the first of 3 that will be posted in about a 3 week period! 

This song celebrates the memories and personal growth that come from serving a religious mission. While I have never served an "official" mission myself, I have known many people who have and I admire those who are willing to set aside their own personal interests to share their knowledge of God and Jesus Christ, regardless of what religion they are affiliated with! It takes dedication, perserverance, courage, strength, and a lot of faith! My husband and I have 2 daughters who have served missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I debated whether to share photos from both of their mission experiences, but our daughter, Victoria, has been home longer, so I ultimately decided to focus on just one story: the story of how the experiences from her mission continue, years later, to bless her life and the life of her little (soon to expand...YAY!) family.

I wrote this song over 30 years ago, and performed it in many church meetings where missionaries returned and reported on the llife-changing experiences during their missions. In 2002, I entered it in a contest and won, and it was included on a compilation CD entitled "Just Believe," which was sold in Christian bookstores across the United States. I was also granted a 5 year contract to release a personal CD, which I was so excited for! However, a few months later, a personal tradgedy turned my life upside down and this dream was set aside. 17 years later, it is the first of my own personal recordings to be "released" on this site. And I am excited to say that it won't be the last! 

3 years ago, I started feeling like I needed to share the inspiration that God has sent to me through music. I had to fight past the voices in my head that told me, "You are a singer, not a composer;" "Your music is so simple. It's not good enough to actually share with others;" and "If you were still 30, it would make sense for you to do this, but you're too old to start this adventure!" But then I thought of the scripture, "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass" (Alma 37:6-7) and something in my heart started to change. I noticed that some of the most profound songs that have touched my heart, and the hearts of many, are very simple. I also realized that where my inspiration has come directly from my Heavenly Father, I needed to trust that when He calls me to do something, He will qualify me to the task. And at this very moment, while I am typing this, I am realizing that while I have not left the comfort of my own home to serve a mission, I have stepped out of my comfort zone greatly to serve Him in this process of creating and sharing this music. I now know that writing, communicating and sharing these messages with you IS my mission. And, as I have heard many missionaries testify, I think I have been more blessed than anyone as I labor to share it.

"I cannot help but ponder as I think about this day

How much my life's been blessed because I chose to go this way...

For today there is a testimony burning in my heart

And from Thy ways, I never will depart"

What is YOUR mission right now? Maybe it is serving a religious mission. OR maybe it's raising children, helping an aging parent, serving or volunteering in an organization, or making a difference in the lives of others in another capacity We can all be missionaries in our own way! God needs us to help each other along on this mortal path. I would encourage you to figure out what your mission is, then do it....even if it means you have to leave your comfort zone. You'll be better for it!

"These are things you never will forget!"

Thank you to my amazing husband and wonderful family, whose unfailing support and encouragement have helped me to realize my dreams. And thanks to my Heavenly Father for trusting me enough to allow me this journey!

Oh...and one more thing...

God never gives up on don't ever give up on yourself and your dreams!

That's all!


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