Because He Came


I am so excited to release my first music video as well as my first collection of music on this site! It has been quite the road getting to this point, and I have learned a lot along the way! Want to know one of the biggest? When things don't go according to plan, just sit back, breathe, and realize that sometimes God has something better in mind!

I think it is fitting that this song is first, because the birth of Jesus Christ is the single most important event that has ever happened in the history of the world. The way Christ gave his life, both while living and when he chose to suffer for our sins and lay down His perfect life for us, is the greatest gift that has ever been given! In this commercial day and age where so much of the Holiday season is focused on material things, I hope that as we approach this Christmas season, this song will help you to remember, amid all of the fun holiday traditions, that the reason we celebrate Christmas is really to commemorate His birth and what that momentous day means to all of us! Because Our Savior lives, we will never be the same! We are blessed because He came!

Thank you to my amazing Children's chorus, their fantastic parents for their support, my amazng videographer, Lauren Michels, my family for thier unfailing love and encouragement, and my husband (AKA: super fan, technical genius and sound engineer extrordanaire) for his expertise, patience, and love. I am one very blessed woman!


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  • Joanne Kapp on

    Nothing more beautiful than the innocence of children singing of the glory of Jesus Christ and his gift to us. Thank you Colleen for making me aware. Thank you Christine for this beautiful and appropriate music.

  • Sandra swearengin on

    This truly blessed my heart..

  • Mary R. Hanson on

    I so enjoyed getting this video to celebrate this season of Christ’s birth. “Because He Came” is a beautifully done video and I am sending.ot onto my family and my grandchildren.

  • Coleen Hamilton on

    What a beautiful message to remind us all how blessed we are that Jesus came and that He lives! What comfort and peace this message brings to all of us who live in this struggling world!

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