The Presence of Christmas


Am I actually posting a Christmas song in March? Why, yes I am! 

I wrote this song last Fall, but due to having an injury to my inner ear, the production was delayed. I shared it on Facebook and YouTube just before the Christmas of 2019, but hadn't added it to the site yet. I debated whether to wait until closer to this Christmas (2020) to add it, but since I am having a big sale to celebrate the release of my first album, I wanted to have it available for those who want to purchase it at the discounted rate a little early!

The idea for this song came to me during the Christmas of 2018. I started thinking about how some of the words we use to describe the presents we give and recieve at Christmas time could be tied to the Savior. I wanted to reframe these words in a song. I also wanted to create words and phrases and a melody that would remind kids (and grown-ups too) when they are unwrapping their presents to think of the Savior.

Truly the greatest gifts that have ever been given will never be found under the Christmas tree! The first was the gift that our Father in Heaven gave us all when he sent His only begotten son to pave the way for us. The second was our Savior's willingness to carry out that plan by suffering in Gethsemane and giving His life on the cross for us. 

"So as I’m unwrapping my presents
I’ll think of the baby who came from above
Who gave the greatest gift of all
That wraps me up in the arms of His love
It’s not the presents under the tree
But His presence that lives on in me."

May you have His presence with you every day, and not just at Christmas time!


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