Go Heavenly Father's Way

I wanted to write an upbeat Children's Song that would inspire children to make good choices. Then one day, I was driving with my grandson, Parker, and we were talking about how a red light means "stop," a green light means "go" and (as his dad taught him,) a yellow light means "super-fast!" ;)  It made me think how fun it would be to create a song using familiar steet and directional signs as the "signs" that show us the way on the road of life also. My son-in-law, whom I call "Handy-Randy," came to the rescue once again!  He created all of the street signs for this video! Randy also created the stable in the "Because He Came" video. I can't thank him enough for his creativity and willingness to take on my projects!

My hope is that this song of faith empowers children to set their own limits as they travel the road of life and in turn, exercise caution, know when to stop, turn and yield to the spirit each day as they GO and seek Heavenly Father's Way. 

"Stop! I don't do those kind of things!

I know the sadness that the wrong way brings!"

Once again, I have to give a shout out to Lauren Michels productions, for her amazing videography, the fabulous children in the Aspire Children's Chorus, and my family for thier support! 

I hope you enjoy this song and video! It is the 3rd one I have posted in two weeks, so I think I need a nap! 

Or I could just work on another song. Hmmm..... ;)


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  • Joanne Kapp on

    This is great. I’m just thinking it should be included in Primary programs.
    Such a fun song.

  • Coleen Hamilton on

    A cute, fun video with a message for our young children to remember and apply in their daily lives.

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