Children's Auditions

I am excited to announce that I am searching for more children ages 7-14 to be part of the Aspire Children's Chorus and/or perform in audio and video recordings of my original inspirational Christian children’s songs! There are also opportunities for soloists, smaller choir groups, and larger choir groups as well as individual and group video spots. Auditions will be held Tuesday, August 27, 2019 and Wednesday, August 28, 2019 from 5-6 pm in the Relief Society Room of the LDS Church Building on 12120 S 1300 W in Riverton, Utah.

I will be releasing one new children's song by the beginning of October and one new Christmas song in November!

For the auditions, children will need to sing one verse of an inspirational song. Recorded accompaniment of primary songs will be available. Please bring a picture of your child. It does not need to be a professional headshot.

An mp3 and written music will be provided for the children to learn each song. Priority will be given to children whose parents can commit to helping them in this endeavor. There will be 3-4 rehearsals and a time slot for recording both the audio and video. If the child cannot attend the rehearsals, they can still audition, but may need to wait until the next production to take part. 

If your child cannot do this production, but could do the Christmas one or others next year, this will be the only opportunity to audition for those. I will likely choose most or all of the soloists and other opportunities from the kids who come to this audition, even if they cannot take part in the first production.

Practices for the first production will be held on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Sept 4,5,11 and 12 from 5-5:45 pm at the same place auditions will be held. We will be doing the audio recording on Saturday, September 14, from 10 am - noon. Practices for the Christmas production will be Wednesdays and Thursdays, Oct 16,17,23 and 24 from 5-5:45 pm at the same place auditions will be held. We will be doing the audio recording on Saturday, October 26, from 10 am - noon. Video days will be on a weekday afternoon from 4-6 pm. Details are coming shortly on that!

Parents will need to commit to help their child learn the music, commute their child to and from rehearsals and the audio and video recordings, be present for the entire video recording process and sign a release waiver that they allow their child to be recorded, filmed and photographed. Any images or recordings may be used on CDs, mp3s, videos and in other advertising, both hard-copy, digital and internet-based. There will be no compensation for taking part. Children’s personal information will never be given out, but their names will be listed in the video credits.

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