I Write My Own Story

Once upon a time, I realized that I was letting what other people thought about me define me too much, instead of trusting in myself because I know who I am. I also realized that I had some stories in my head that were not serving me well....so I re-wrote them! 

What are the stories that you tell yourself about you? Are you worrying too much about what others think of you? We all have stories in our head that we look for proof of. If you have a negative story going on in your head about you or a situation in your life, you will find evidence of that and your life will continue to play out that way. But I have learned that I can choose what thoughts I believe and look for proof of those thoughts. Life is so much better when you look for evidence of the good in yourself, others and your life experiences.

I hope you enjoy my new original song and that it inspires you to create the life you want, starting from the inside out. I absolutely love the orchestration Merrilee Webb created for this. She knocked it out of the park and captured EXACTLY the feeling that I had envisioned for this song! I also experimented with harmonies while recording and then liked more than one, so I kept them all. I joked with my husband that this is my first song with a "choir of Kris!"

Here's to new chapters and happy endings!


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  • Coleen Hamilton on

    I loved it! I also loved your remarks about writing your own story.

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