During this uncertain time with this nasty corona virus leading to home church worship, I wanted to do something to lift families and help, since I know so many are feeling the effects of COVID-19 in many different ways. I decided to do a FREE a home-church bundle each week for families to use for their sabbath worship or for family scripture study/family home evening time.

The sheet music for this song, the accompaniment track and the teaching aid are free to download until Monday night at 11:59 pm

This song is appropriate for any Christian denomination. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I chose this song for this week because it co-incides with the "Come Follow Me" lesson for this week. Following God's commandments helps us to be happy! And the more we follow His commandments, the more unshaken our faith will be, like Enos!

In Come Follow Me on page 50, it states, "God can make His will known unto you, and you'll be more willing and able to do His will because you are in harmony with him." See also the section on page 51: The Lord will bless me when I keep His commandments."

One suggestion I have is that during your lesson, before or after listening to this song, you hold up the included road signs. (You can tape or glue them onto sticks, tongue depressors, popsicle sticks or straws if you want so they are like signs.) Your family could then discuss how each of the road signs can be related to the gospel. Kids love holding up the signs as they sing the corresponding phrases of the song!

Here are some examples:  


What are some things Heavenly Father wants us to GO and do?

What are some things he wants us to STOP?

How do we learn how to hear and YIELD to the spirit? 

Why is it important to use CAUTION with the choices we make and how can we use our agency wisely?

What are some choices that take us the WRONG WAY...away from following Heavenly Father?

When I go the WRONG WAY, how can we TURN to get back on track? 

What are some choices that lead us in the RIGHT WAY...toward our Heavenly Father's Way?

Why does Heavenly Father give us boundaries that he doesn't want us CROSSING? 

What are some LIMITS I want to set for myself or we can set as a family to help keep us on track?

How do we become DRIVEN to go Heavenly Father's Way?

I hope this will help you have a spiritual and meaningful experience with your family during this uncertain time!  God is in charge. He has a plan. I love Him. I trust Him. Following His way gives me peace in the most challenging of times!

With love,


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