Your story. Your event. Your original custom song.

Music transcends words. It goes directly to the heart. So imagine a custom melody infused with emotion-driven lyrics, written specifically by award-winning singer/songwriter, Kristine Cox, to share your story or mission statement! 

A custom song is a once in a lifetime gift that will capture your loved one's heart and bring them from tears to laughter...and probably back to tears again. Just think of how they will react when you share this intimate, personal creation with them for the first time. It will truly be cherished forever and so will you for having given it to them!  

If you have a purpose-driven business or organization, having a custom song will take your marketing, branding, and connection with your community to the next level! The huge emotional impact of a custom song is why speakers, coaches, influencers and corporations love having Kristine write songs that inspire their audience to engage with them, remember their brand and take action!

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