Where Can I Turn For Peace

This collection contains audio files (including original recording and minus track) and other products associated with the song "Where Can I Turn For Peace."

I am working through the licensing to be able to release the sheet music for this arrangement, but it is taking longer than anticipated. Until then, you can get the background track and sing with that. ;) Please subscribe to my email list to hear when the sheet music and music video are released!

In 2003, my life took a turn that I never saw coming. In my darkest hours, even my personal Gethsemane, this song took on personal meaning for me. I will never forget when I was sitting in sacrament meeting and “Where Can I Turn For Peace” was one of the hymns sung by the congregation. During the singing of that hymn, I felt my Savior’s love for me so strongly and the words and music of this song touched me so deeply that the tears simply wouldn’t stop. The Savior was, in fact, exactly who I could turn to for peace! He has brought that peace to my life and helped turn a tragic event into an incredible blessing in my life. I now desire to share this message with anyone I can through the arrangement I have written.